New Owner of the VO Blog! WWW.THEVOBLOG.COM

I have transferred the Domain to someone who has served the VO industry with always fresh topical information, and has one of the most popular Blogs on Earth “Bob Souer”. Please visit his site at:
OR (after today) it needs time to re-direct!

PLEASE NOTE: this site will not longer be updated.


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Time to Give the VO blog away!

I have decided to focus on my VO work and find that I have no real time to blog, so I have decided to remove all of my past postings, and offer this Domain name to someone who would like to carry the ball. It’s not fair to have a Blog ( that generates traffic…but seldom delivers the information that the VO community seeks.

I would like to thank everyone that had made a visit to this site (all 5,857). I wish you all the best, and may this new year bring you all the success you desire.

You can have this domain and Re-Direct it to your blog by pointing it!!!


Please contact me via my website at

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